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Auburn Muffler Brake & Radiator has been serving South King County since 1979. We began as a specialized muffler repair shop and grew into a full service auto repair station to meet the demands of our loyal customers. Whether you need a minor oil change or an extensive electrical overhaul, we are equipped to get you back on the road in as little time as possible.

Our ASE-certified technicians combined with our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment assure you superior workmanship and minimal frustration. Best of all, our staff will walk you through each step of the repair order and proceed according to your budget and the most important issues to address. We are family owned and operated, value our customers, employees and the community.

Our Mission: Through clear communication, satisfy customer needs by fixing and maintaining vehicles while providing a value-based service.
Our Vision: To create an atmosphere of trust and loyalty with our customers and our employees. We see ourselves serving your needs and our community.
Our Services
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Our Services vs. Their Services

Premium oil change
Our Premium Oil Change uses Synthetic blend oil made by Conico Philips. It is classified as an energy conserving oil, with superior wear characteristics. You can go 5,000 miles or 6 months between changes. You also get a free tire rotation and brake inspection, all the fluids checked and topped off and a comprehensive report on your vehicle by a trained technician.

Our Premium Transmission Flush uses a cleaning chemical to clean out all internal transmission parts. Then we flush all the fluid out. Finally, we add a friction modifier that reduces transmission temperatures and improves transmission shifting and wear.

Our Premium Radiator Flush uses a cleaner chemical to rinse out the system. Then we flush all the antifreeze out. Finally, a PH balancer, acid neutralizer and electrolysis inhibitor is added for a superior combination that will prevent rust and corrosion.
Our Premium Fuel Injection Cleaning process (MotorVac) uses a solvent that is injected directly through the fuel injectors. The engine runs on this solvent fuel mixture for about an hour, completely cleaning the fuel injectors, valves, pistons and oxygen sensors. A second solvent is applied to the upper intake system to melt off unwanted deposits. Check out MotorVac on YouTube and see for yourself.
Oil change
Oil Change: Too many choices, and the cheapest is not the best. Shouldn't the technician know what's best for your vehicle?

Transmission Flush: They just change the fluid. No cleaners or modifiers are used.
Radiator Flush: They just change the antifreeze. No cleaners or modifiers are used.

Fuel Injection Service: An additive in the tank and one for the intake. It may take a whole tank full of gas to notice anything. Just using a top tier gasoline such as Chevron or Shell will give you the same results.
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