Elite Engine Diagnostics and Repair

Knock the Knocking in Your Engine

Bring your vehicle by if you're hearing any unusual noises while running. Often times, noises come before the serious problem, so the sooner you get in your vehicle, the easier the fix. Our ASE-certified technicians will diagnose and repair your engine to improve your car's performance.

Keep an Ear Out for Potential Problems

  • Knocking or tapping - which can indicate low oil or an engine part is wearing out
  • Whistling - often stemming from an intake leak or misaligned cam shaft belt
  • Squealing - usually caused by a loose fan belt
  • Grinding - probably coming from your brakes, rather than your engine

Avoid Engine Stalls

Regularly maintain your fuel pump, sensors, and electrical system to prevent the likelihood of stalling.
Engines stall commonly when hot, cold, accelerating, put in drive, braking, or when the AC is on. You can count on Auburn Muffler Brake & Radiator to pinpoint the problem and get you back on the road.
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Pay extra attention to engine noise when first starting, idling, accelerating, reaching high RPMs, or when the weather's cold or warm.

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